In addition to our expert interdisciplinary team that will be available to you, Agape Hospice Care offers other services to make sure your needs are met at every level.

Durable Medical Equipment

Agape owns all of its own medical equipment. This ensures that any needed equipment is provided in a timely manner and well maintained.

Medical equipment is usually requested by a hospital discharge planner or a member our the Agape team, but anyone involved in patient care may do so. If you feel additional equipment such as an electric hospital bed, oxygen, over-the bed table, walker, wheelchair shower chair or any other type of medical equipment would increase the patients safety and/or comfort, call us. We are here for you.

Medical Supplies

Agape provides all patients with medical supplies they may need. This includes items such as: dressings, diapers, meal replacement drinks, etc. We order these supplies in bulk and are happy to deliver them to patients on our regular visits, saving them both time and money.

Bereavement Services

Part of the hospice program provide after-care for the loved ones for one year. This can be a very delicate time for the caregivers and we are here to support you.