Agape Hospice Care and Strings of Mercy now offers Live Therapeutic Music (LTM) services for all Agape Hospice patients.

LTM is a non-pharmacologic intervention that helps support traditional medical practices by comforting and relaxing patients when medicine alone is not able to stabilize or provide relief for the patient.

Specifically tailored to help individual patients find relief from pain, axiety or agitation, LTM sessions are provided at the bedside by Certified Music Practitioners (CMPs). All Music Practitioners are trained and certified by the Music for Healing and Transition Program ™ (MHTP).

LTM is not intended to entertain the patient and is different from Music Therapy.

LTM sessions typically last 20-45 minutes and are always focused on the current needs and condition of the individual patient.

How Does LTM Work?


Based on the science of sound (Resonance, Sympathetic Vicreation and Entrainment), LTM is able to help stabilize and comfort patients in almost any condition.

As sound waves are converted into elctrical impusles, the brain releases natural chemicals that travel through the body via the parasympathetic nervous system.  These endophins help stabilize heart rate, respiration and blood pressure.  Our eardrums continue vibrating to sound waves even when we are unconscious.

Therefore, most patients can benefit from LTM refardless of condition or diagnosis.  Though a casual observer may not readily see a patient’s response, CMPs are trained to recognize these subtle changes and modify the music as needed to help the patient stabilize, relax and rest.

Comforting our patients through Live Therapeutic Music

Who Can Benefit from LTM?

Any patient can benefit from LTM.  Sessions are structure based on the CMPs assessment of the patient’s condition at the time of the session rather than on a diagnosis.  Music played for a patient who is alert and oriented will differ from music played for the same patient if unresponsive.  As a patient’s condition changes, the music is modified to meed the immediate needs of the patient.

Clinical research now reveals the LTM can actually slow some initial effects of dementia, allowing the patient to remain or become more oriented and responsive.

LTM is often helpful in mitigating the effects of Terminal Agitation, a condition that sometimes occurs at the end of life, when patients do not respond to pain or sedation medications.  These “Threshold Music” sessions allow patients to transition more peacefully and are often as beneficial for the family memebers as they are for the patient.

LTM helps manage symptoms of:

  • Agitation
  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Dementia

As part of Continous Care, LTM sessions can be arranged through any member of our staff.

How Can I Schedule an LTM Session?

Any Agape Hospice patient or family member of our patients can request that LTM services be included as part of the patient’s care plan.  Simply notifuu your nurse, case worker, or Chaplain and ask them to schedule an LTM session at your convenience.

LTM sessions can be conducted in a patient’s home or at any assisted living, skilled nursing or memory care facility.

Agape Hospice Care cover the expense of LTM services as part of our service to you and your family.  Sessions will be evaluated and scheduled by Agape Hospice Care based on the needs and comfort of the patient.