“Let’s Try A Different Approach To Care…”

There is a misconception that hospice is only for patients when there is “nothing else that can be done”. This is not true.

Hospice is about a different approach to care that focuses on treating pain and the symptoms that cause pain and discomfort.

Agape Hospice Care believes in providing patients with the highest quality of life by focusing on pain and sympton management while supporting the patient and family unit as a whole.

We believe in a team approach that involves the patient, family, hospice clinical team and attending physician.

What are the benefits of an earlier referral to hospice?

Allows the patient and family to fully receive all services offered by Agape Hospice Care

Allows patients and families the time and resources to focus on living their highest quality of life possible

Avoids unnecessary treatments and hospitalizations that can detract from quality of life

Helps to avoid crisis situations by providing earlier intervention

Allows our team to get to know the patient and family to better prepare for urgent and crisis situations

 Allows the patient and family to be in the setting they want to be in