24 Hour Continuous Care

At times, due to medical necessity, your loved one might require 24-hour continuous (around-the-clock) care in your home, assisted living facility, independent living or 55+ communities.
CONTINUOUS CARE provides more intense care in the patient’s home, assisted living, senior plus or extended care environment.

Our continuous care program provides the patient with around-the-clock LPN care and daily RN oversight.

The usual length of continuous care service is three to four days. The goal is to administer medications, provide treatments, and support until the symptoms are under control.

Some symptoms which may require continuous care include: unrelieved pain, severe nausea and vomiting, severe shortness of breath, anxiety, or a breakdown in the primary caregiver support system. Continuous care is considered a temporary short-term level of care and is re-evaluated every 24 hours.

While it is usually the hospice nurse who suggests 24-hour continuous care,  anyone, including healthcare professionals, members of the community, family, caregivers, or the patient himself or herself may discuss this option with us.

You may call us on our confidential line at 404-763-1456
You may email us – please do not include confidential information- with any specific questions at info@agapehospicecare.net.