Agape Hospice Care is a nurse-owned and family-run hospice that believes in providing the best care possible.

It is our family working with your family to support your individual goals to live each day, how you decide. At Agape Hospice Care we provide our intermittent services, or if medically necessary, 24 hour continuous care in your home or extended care residence. We also own a free standing, one level, 12 bed in-patient, home-like, well lit peaceful setting.

For You

Agape Hospice Care is focused on you. We believe that you remain in control of your life. Our focus is to listen to you, learn your goals, and help you achieve these goals with dignity and respect.

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For the Caregiver

Agape Hospice Care believes that success of achieving the goals of the care plan relies on the caregiver. We believe the caregiver, as an integral part of the care plan must be supported. We support the you, the caregiver, by ensuring you are educated in what to expect physically and emotionally, as well as how to respond to the potential forthcoming changes.

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For the Referral Souce

We respect your time. Agape Hospice Care is committed to ease the referral as much as possible. We are different in many ways. Primarily, it is in three ways: our response time to referrals, our ability to provide equipment to in a timely fashion to the patient, and that we are ready to provide 24 continuous care, and in-patient care if necessary.

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